Tips for a Stress & Hassle Free Office Relocation


Moving your office from one place to another is a task that requires meticulous planning; almost to the minute execution if it is going to have the least amount of disruption to your business as possible. There will probably never be a move of your office, that is not going to disrupt your business. Especially not today when your business most likely relies on its computer systems which are going to have to be shut down for everything up to 2 days, depending on the distance you are relocating. A short move can be accomplished with proper planning in place in as little as 6 to 8 hours. However, a move of 500 miles or more can take two days or even longer just because of the distance.

Office relocating


What can you do beforehand?

Most professional movers will be brought in about a month before the move is actually due to happen. However, they will expect that the business has been planning this move up to 12 months ahead of time. They would have already taken a lot of steps to make a quick move. The work done ahead of time has to include things like backing up all the computer systems, arranging access to the new building and having all the utilities pre-connected. They should find out if any permits are required if your movers run a few hours late and arrive at night (some districts do not allow fleets of trucks to be driving in the streets all hours of the night) without the necessary permits to unload.

The movers also want to have a look at where the move is initiating from and where it is going to. The more ways in and out of each building will determine how fast your current office can be packed up and loaded into trucks and on arrival, unloaded into the new premises. Many professional office removalists use a special set of tactics to move an office. They have different boxes for everything, but surprisingly they will not want to be packing them for you. Real professional movers will require you to pack the boxes they provide. They will move them once they packed and you don’t need to touch them.


Office Moving Checklist

Most moving companies will prepare a special checklist that is unique to your business so that everything is done properly. This will include a lot of things that you will not think about as mentioned below:

  1. Emptying the water cooler, so that it doesn’t leak water all over everything during the move.
  2. Locking all the locks on the filing cabinets.
  3. Desk drawers and the like to having access to a garbage disposal system which will probably only be extra access to the industrial dumpsters provided by the city.

Packing up the office

Why Use a Professional?

Ask any professional office moving company and they will say there are five advantages to hiring professionals.

1. Hiring professionals will mean the cost of the move will work out considerably less than if you do it yourself using your staff as labour. It will also result in less damage and definitely less risk of injury to your staff.

2. This one is the big saving, time. Professional movers to take a day to move an office are probably saving you from 2 to 4 days if you were to do the moving all on your own. And to most businesses, two days time is a fair amount of money.

3. Even though you may have to do your personal packing, the checklists and boxes and other equipment provided by professional movers will seem like a godsend long before the move is completed.

4. Professional movers use people who are not only used to but know how to move heavy office furniture. Very few businesses would have staff who would even have the faintest idea how to move a fully loaded filing cabinet either up or down a flight of stairs without risking serious back injury, so safety is a major factor.

5. Last but not least is the fact that professional office movers will give you a timetable for the move; a time at which your business can resume doing its business fully. Unless something really untoward happens, this schedule will be adhered to, so you know exactly when you can resume trading.

New office


Professional office movers are the experts…

Using a professional office moving company to take care of all the hassles and unknowns is both cost-effective and smart. The overall moving process should be much easier if you put your move in the hands of the professionals. But as with anything to your due diligence on the local office movers and pick the one that suits you best.

For more moving tips, check out the video below: